Friday, September 5, 2008

My Mom's in the Hospital

What a scary turn of events. Yesterday morning my mom called about 8 a.m. I thought it was odd. I had just got 2 of my kids off to their first day of school and was trying to get Christian out the door. My mom called and just kept saying over and over how sick she was and what a terrible headache she had. I didn't know what I could do living so far away from her. I called Kameron, my brother to see if he could check on her, but couldn't get ahold of him.

So I called my mom's neighbor Linda to have her check on her. Pretty soon I got the phone call that Linda was taking my mom to the hospital because she was pretty incoherant. Then I got a call from Jenn my sister in law saying my mom was being life flighted.

I drove the 6 hour drive from Colorado to Utah in about 5 hours. So far she is stable and holding her own. She has had a stroke with blood on her brain.

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