Monday, September 8, 2008

Mom's Update

Yesterday at noon I was headed out of my mom's hospital room when the cardiologist was headed in. So, I paused to listen to what he had to say. Bad news. My mom needed a pace maker due to heart stopping the night before 14 times for 4 seconds at a time. Then the heart would restart.
Needless to say I decided not to drive back to Colorado. Today she had a pacemaker installed. She also has a blood clot in her leg, so a special blood filter was installed in her groin to catch blood clots that originate in her legs. She also had a angiogram - which means dye injected into her veins near her head. Then a scope was put in to view if her brain is having spasms.
All of these procedures took about 5 hrs, so it has been a day!
So far everything went well and she is doing well. Keeping my fingers crossed! Goodnight.

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