Tuesday, September 16, 2008

17 Months of Waiting

Chinese symbol means patience! It's now been 17 months of waiting for a referral. Nothing to report. 17 was my volleyball number, so maybe it will be my lucky month. When I last spoke with my agency a few weeks ago, we really hadn't moved up the list due to no baby girl referrals last month. But, with International adoption anything is possible. Sometimes they get none and sometimes they get a bunch. I never dreamed it would take this long. I guess we are supposed to learn patience, but it is very trying at times. The longer I wait, the more broke I become as I just keep buying so many darling girl clothes. The boys think the adoption will never happen, so we try not to discuss it with them. So, we continue to wait and dream about getting our own little girl.

My mom was transferred out of the hospital to a rehab center yesterday. I don't think she'll be there long, but who knows? I am trying to get things in order so I can go back when she gets home. I will need to go and do some cleaning and other things for her.

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Tisra said...

Happy 17 months! Your day will come, and she will be just perfect for you. I'm right there with you on this wait, and it *is* difficult, and it does feel, at times, like it will never happen. But, surely, we cant hank our lucky stars that we're moving along faster than our friends in the China program!

Take Care,
waiting for referral