Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Happy Anniversary!!!

Today is our 14th Anniversary. Where did the time go? In some ways it seems like it has flown by and when I think of all we've been through it seems as if I've known Gerry forever. What an amazing journey it has been! This past weekend I pulled off a great surprise. I booked a room - through Priceline at the Vail Cascade Resort. If anyone needs to know how to get great deals on Priceline visit this wonderful forum - http://www.biddingfortravel.com/ (It's my secret weapon.)
Gerry thought we were just going out to dinner, but I surprised him with a night away. I had my nephew babysit and we had a romantic dinner at the hotel restaurant. Then we strolled around Vail, and watched an in-room movie. What a fun time! We celebrated it early as Gerry has high council meeting tonight for our church. Thanks "Handsome Prince" for such a great journey! Love you forever!

Friday, July 18, 2008

A Hermit Crab Funeral

A couple of days ago we came home from camping to find that JJ, Jeremiah's hermit crab, had died. It was a very tragic event. Jeremiah cried for a couple of hours. This is Jeremiah's first pet and he received it for his birthday.
So tonight we held the funeral. This is how it went.
Ian- age 6 "We are gathered here today for JJ's funeral. Now it's Christian's turn."
Christian age 11 " JJ was a good crab who always got scared when we came to look at him."
Mom "JJ was the biggest crab I have ever seen."
Dad "I gave him water every night."
Jeremiah age 9- pretty silent finally said "I loved him very much."
With that JJ was buried in the ground under an aspen tree. It was short but meaningful.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Within the 90 Day Period for a Referral

Great news! This afternoon I got a phone call from FEC that said we are now within the 90 day period of getting our referral. I am so excited! What a long journey this has been. I called Gerry and told him and then I called Glenda and my mom. The boys are excited, but not overly as it still seems so far away for them. We went out to celebrate at our favorite Chinese restaurant. My fortune cookie said, " Happiness is around the next corner, wealth down the street." Bring it on!

Earlier this week, my cousin Glenda got matched up with a 4 year old boy to adopt. She has one snag in that the father has to sign the paper to relinquish his parental rights. We are praying that it all works. She switched over to a US adoption after she encountered some huge snags with her Kazikstan adoption. It was a nightmare! Glenda's car is all packed and she is sitting by her phone ready to make the trip from the Midwest to the South to pick up her child. She can get the call any minute. This is her first child and she can't wait to become a mother.

We have enjoyed doing this adoption journey together and we are both elated.