Friday, July 18, 2008

A Hermit Crab Funeral

A couple of days ago we came home from camping to find that JJ, Jeremiah's hermit crab, had died. It was a very tragic event. Jeremiah cried for a couple of hours. This is Jeremiah's first pet and he received it for his birthday.
So tonight we held the funeral. This is how it went.
Ian- age 6 "We are gathered here today for JJ's funeral. Now it's Christian's turn."
Christian age 11 " JJ was a good crab who always got scared when we came to look at him."
Mom "JJ was the biggest crab I have ever seen."
Dad "I gave him water every night."
Jeremiah age 9- pretty silent finally said "I loved him very much."
With that JJ was buried in the ground under an aspen tree. It was short but meaningful.

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