Saturday, September 6, 2008

Internal Struggle

The last few days have been really hard. I hate seeing my mom struggle so much. So far the news is pretty good. The CT scan shows a pretty significant brain bleed, but she doesn't have many symptoms. She has a bad headache, and gets confussed especially when trying to remember names. Her balance is good and she can talk. Pretty incredible for having had a stroke.
The dr. says she will probably recover almost fully. They think she will be in the hospital for about another week. After lots of contemplation, I think I will drive home tomorrow. Mom is in good hands in the hospital and I need to go take care of my family. My brothers live here and my mom has a wonderful support system through church, family and friends. I think I will be more useful if I come back after she is out of the hospital then sitting here staring at her. This is a hard decision as I feel so torn. I hate leaving her, but have a good feeling that she will recover from this episode. However, I am leary for what lies ahead as she still has a chest full of blood clots from previous problems, heart problems, and diabeties.


Cindy said...


I just saw on your blog about your mom's stroke. What good thinking to call your mom's neighbor to have her come check on her! I hope she continues to improve and can go home soon. Your family will be in my thoughts and prayers.


Krista said...


Thanks so much for your support.