Sunday, April 18, 2010

Tainan Part 2

If you have not read the previous post - Indiana Jones - please read it first and then return to read this part of our day.
Gerry was able to rest most of the day and slowly began to feel better and regain his strength. He had been very pale and quite weak. Around 4 pm, we decided it was time to check out this city.

With the exchange rate, we can get around very cheaply in a taxi. We told our English speaking friends at the front desk to "hire a taxi for us. Tell them that we would like to see the main highlights of the city. We need the taxi driver to drive carefully and not crazy. "
We ended up with an older gentleman as our driver. He was so great. He drove extremely cautiously and did exactly as we desired. He'd pull up to the front gate of a building, let us out and wait for us while we walked around the sites. Some sites we spent 10 minutes looking at, others only a few minutes. It was perfect! We didn't read everything in great depth, but took pictures of the main points and it was nice to see the actual city!
Our impressions:
  • Tainan is much different than Taipei. The buildings aren't as high as Taipei, there are more kids, it's cloudier here, people seem to be more relaxed and very social with each other.
  • Tainan is less Americanized - less foreigners. However, we see many American businessmen - perhaps working contracts with the factories here.
  • The little kids and even adults love to look into my blue eyes.
  • The pace of the city, seems to move a tad bit slower here, and traffic is less congested.

Here are a few highlights of our taxi tour.

Just 10 hours until we meet our daughter!


Annie said...

Beautiful pics! Can't wait to hear about "gotcha" moments!

Terry said...

Wow you have had some adventures! I'm glad to hear that Gerry is feeling better and you were able to check out the sights. Your pictures are great!

I can't wait to see pictures of you holding your daughter!!!!
I'm so excited and happy for you!! :)

Sarah said...

Your driver took you to some great places. I recognize these spots! :)