Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Our Trip Home

Lacey is on Taiwan time, which means she slept most of the flight home from Taiwan to LAX. We really enjoyed our flights in EVA airways. The service was excellent. We upgraded to Elite class, so we could have more leg room and were also able to get a bulkhead seat for the way home. In front of the seat, a bassinet was able to attach to the wall so that Lacey could sleep in it the majority of the flight.
Once to LAX, we had to process her through Immigration. We were given a mysterious set of papers that we had to give Immigration. These papers were sealed in an envelope and we were commanded to not open them at all. Once we gave them the papers, we were told to wait in the waiting area with around 50 other people from countries all around the world.
Judging from how slowly things were moving, I estimated it was going to be around a 3 hour wait for our turn. After 15 minutes, we were called forward. I think maybe they process adoptions first, but am not sure. They told me how to apply for a social security card and that some items (I think a green card) will be mailed to me. Honestly, I'm not sure exactly what they said, it's all a blur, so if anyone knows the next steps I need to take to get her name changed etc., please fill me in. Then they handed me her Taiwanese passport and congratulated us on having the newest American immigrant.
We walked through customs without any problems and up to the area where people were waiting for the arriving Immigrants. Several people had American flags and it really hit me that Lacey's life has just changed in a big way. I got a bit teary eyed to think she is the newest American. Several workers at the airport told us "she is one lucky girl." We feel that way, but also feel that we are the lucky ones.
We are overnighting in LA, as there were not any later connecting flights. We have the first flight home this morning. Lacey has been up since 2 am, and I've given up on getting her back to sleep. It could be tricky to get her days and nights switched around. Plus, she's a little social bug and is afraid she will miss something. The orphanage workers told us that she catnaps at night and likes to play during the night and sleep during the day.
The boys are so excited to see their sister. We have been using Skype the entire time while in Taiwan and it has helped them to feel connected. They will be getting out of school early today to meet us!
My plan is to updated a little more about the trip and some tips for other adoptive parents in a few days as time allows.


Robin said...

Congratulations Lacey! What a big day for her. We had the same type of flight home with Lauren. We were also up at 3:00am the first night. Once you make it home (Yeah!) if you stay up all day tomorrow that will make a big difference. I am sure the boys can help you with that:) I am so excited for your boys to meet their sister. They are just going to melt.

amybutler said...

Krista and family, we are are so happy for you and espcially for baby Lacey. My Michael saw her picture and thought it was him! She is adorable! I bet you are so glad to have your whole family finally together. We miss you!

Mare said...

Welcome home! Can't wait to meet her!

Terry said...

Welcome Home Lacey!
And Mom & Dad too.
I'm sure the next few days will be busy with your boys and time zone adjusting, but they are sooo worth it! I'm sure they will help out alot and she will love the attention too.
Glad to hear Immigration was easy....I'm dreading that part when its our turn :-)

Enjoy everything! I'm soooo happy for you & your family!!!