Monday, April 19, 2010

On Our Way Home

We had our appointment this morning with AIT (American Institute in Taiwan). This is where all adoption papers are checked and processed so we can get Miss Lacey's visa and passport. Everything went very smoothly. They are able to get it done today, so we have changed our flights and are coming home 2 days early.
We loved our time here in Taiwan, but are ready to head home to our boys. So we've been doing the whirlwind packing job and are heading out in less than an hour. All flights are changed and we're ready to go home.


Devan & Emily Thorne said...

Great Blog posts. Emily is showing off our new niece to all her co-workers. I put her picture on my desktop at work! This is a modern day miracle and I am excited for you to take her home! I know it is Jer's b-day and we have a plan but want to wait until you are back in town. Be safe, because I love your kids but want you to raise them.

Robin said...

Glad AIT went smoothly. Have a safe trip home.

Terry said...

How exciting! Same day processing and AIT is done-that is wonderful!! I bet your boys are very happy you will be home sooner and with their new baby sister. Be Safe and enjoy all the hugs when you return home! So happy for you and your family! :-)