Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Brought to You by Hertz & Avis

We are on our way to Taiwan! Yippee! We've had two great flights. Currently we are at LAX. We love the show "The Amazing Race" and are thinking of this journey as our amazing race. The first task on this leg of the journey was to get thank-you cards done from our baby shower. I wrote the thank-you cards on the flight to L.A., while Gerry addressed and stamped them. It took us the entire flight to get them done. The plan was to drop them off at the LAX airport.
Well, we hit a road-block. Apparently, since 9/11, all airport mail pick-up is gone. So, how were we to mail these thank-you cards? We asked airport info for the nearest mail drop box. Since we have a 5 hour layover, she suggested we ride the Hertz rental bus to Hertz and the post office is located across the street. So, we inconspicuously hopped on the Hertz rental bus. When we arrived, we couldn't get out of the lot as their is a tall chain-link fence surrounding it. So, we wandered around the lot until we found an exit - opposite of the post office. We walked down the road, through a construction zone and finally arrived at the post office. See picture below!

After we got the cards mailed, we noticed that Avis was also next door to the post-office, but that they were less-fortified and easier to enter into the lot. So, we casually strolled up to the Avis bus and jumped on and road it back to LAX. Total cost = FREE!
Aren't we easily entertained?


Mare said...

I hope you have an amazing trip! Can't wait to meet her!

KB said...

Following along!! Have an amazing time!

Colorado Springs

Robin said...

Wahoo- You are on your way. I hope you have an easy journey to Taiwan. I can't wait to see you holding your daughter:) Best wishes!!!!

Terry said...

Glad your Amazing Race journey was off to a successful start. Thumbs up to Herts & Avis.

I hope you wonderful flight to Taiwan, and Can't wait to see the picture of you holding your baby girl!! So happy for you! :-)