Thursday, October 30, 2008

Moving is Hard Work

I am used to hard work- after all I grew up on a farm, am a Mother to 4 energetic boys, and have endless things to do each day. However, moving the last few days has about done me in. I am exhausted. We are about 75% moved. I have been busy running back and forth between houses trying to get the last few things in boxes. Tomorrow a painter comes to paint the upstairs as it needs it. Then next week the carpet cleaner will come in and then our old house will go on the market.

I still have to pack the food storage room, what a nightmare. Our church urges us to keep a 1 year food supply. I know some day I will be thankful for the food, but this week it is quite annoying to say the least. We also have not moved anything in the garage. Yuck!

I am loving the new house, "the teddy bear house" as Parker calls it, so much that I just don't want to leave it. The views are fantastic, it is nice to be on a quiet road and it is just so darn cozy and fun to be here. But, I guess I had better go finish cleaning out the last of the old house so the painter can have free reign tomorrow.

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