Thursday, October 16, 2008

18 Months of Waiting For a Referral

Today marks the 18th month of waiting for a referral of a little girl. What a long process! I am trying to hang in there, but it is discouraging at times. I can't stew about it too much today as I am busy packing up the house for the big move! Hopefully this will be the month for a referral.

Afternoon update- so I called my adoption social worker to schedule a new home visit for after we move. She told me that our I171-H expired today. Also, we need new yearly medical forms, financials, etc. I am so mad. I called 2 months ago to find out if we needed to do anything else and they told me no. I also had called our Tawaiian agency to make sure and they told me I was fine too- just as long as fingerprints are current. This is so frustrating. So I've spent the whole afternoon trying to fax forms to drs to have them sign them, etc.

The I171-H is the major form and for some people it can take 3 months to get back. I'm wondering what would happen if we now get our referral and all of the paperwork has expired. This is making me crazy.

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Tisra said...

Oh no!!! I am so terribly sorry about your paperwork. You have me wanting to triple check everything in my file, now, too. But, I'm fairly resolved that we won't be getting a referral until next year in the spring so I have some time.

waiting on the same list as you, 17 months