Friday, March 5, 2010

We are So Blessed!

I just have to share with you some great blessings we received today! International adoption is not cheap. In fact there are lots of hidden costs that add up. Money has been tight this year and for most people looking at our situation, they think we're absolutely crazy to spend the money during this crazy economic time. When we decided to adopt 3 years ago, it was not about money. It was about making a difference in the world by adopting an orphan and giving them a family. What better thing can you do for someone?
We felt "called" to adoption by God and he has blessed us for it.
Today is a prime example. I was going through paperwork trying to find everything I needed to get our taxes done. I was getting pretty discouraged looking at all the tax info. While pulling some info off my computer, I got an email that money was being transferred to our account from a personal loan we gave out a while ago. What a huge blessing.
Not even a hour later, I could not find some tax info.that I needed. I was going nuts. In the process I came across a $2000 cashier's check. Now tell me, who loses a $2000 check? Not me, I'm very money conscious. It was a check we got when we bought our other house 18 months ago and was a refund for the interest rate lock deposit.
I think in the excitement of moving into the new house, I put the check in with the paperwork and totally forgot about it. Can you believe I came across this check? Anyway, I called the bank and they said it was still good. So, between the money gotten today, it is almost the exact amount we need to pay to finalize the adoption!
God is great! Coincidence? I think not!

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Annie said...

Finding that money is certainly a blessing!! We get the same reaction occasionally when people realize the money we spend on adoption costs, but hey, friends buy new cars all the time and no one says boo. How much more precious is a child? It would be ridiculous to even compare the value. Someday we will have a little one for our family to love, and the money spent and hard work will just fade away into the past.