Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Adoption Family Home Evening

This week for family home evening, we used adoption as our theme. It turned out really well. I read about an idea and used it for our family. I gave everyone a paper cup and poured water in it from a pitcher. I asked the boys what happens when I run out of water. They answered that I just go and get more water out of the tap. I compared this to love in that every time I have had a baby God has supplied more than enough love in our hearts (my heart and my husband's heart) to love another child and that there is going to be enough love for everyone.
We then talked about what it means to be adopted, the reasons why children are orphans and how hard it might be for a birth family to have to put their children up for adoption. We really got into a great discussion with the 3 oldest boys about some of the discrimination that our baby might face as she grows up. It was funny to see how protective the boys already are. We opened it up to any questions they might have about adoption and our situation. I'm always amazed at how spiritually mature and what deep thinkers we have.
We then discussed how busy we are going to be until we head to Taiwan and how everyone needs to help out, etc. I just thought I'd share this with you as I think these type of discussions are really an important part in preparing the older kids for the changes that are going to happen in the immediate future.


Annie said...

My kids and I often talk about the little sister we are waiting for, but we haven't had a sit down like that with all the details of what it will be like with her coming to a new country and facing all of those challenges. Thanks for this post, it is a great idea, and I will start to do that too!

Tami and Bobby Sisemore Family said...

That is great! :) I love the visual example you used! :) I know it is such an exciting time in your family! Kudos to you for taking time to really sit down with them and discuss it all before it is total reality for them! :) Praying for your trip, watching from afar and prayerful to get our dates and I am close behind you! :)

Praying Jeremiah Home Quickly

Terry said...

This is a wonderful idea. We have had several family talks with our children, especially because of the differences in ages. We wanted to hear their thoughts, ideas and concerns of how they would see our family with a new baby. I was happy and surprised at their excitement as well as some of the thoughts they had. Happy things to do, things to help him adjust, changes in schedules, helping out, and even wondering what he would think of us. We had the chance to talk about a new baby from everyone's point of view. It's a great idea!!

So excited for you and your family!! :-)