Friday, September 11, 2009


I realize I haven't written a whole lot lately as life has been crazy. We are still here. This is a little of what we have been doing.

Summer ended and it seemed to pass all too fast. The kids are back in school. We didn't really go anywhere very far, but did go camping a couple of times. Our highlight of the Summer was having our best friends/cousins Tim and Annette and family come and visit us for an extended weekend. We had the best time just visiting and hanging out with them. We miss them dearly!

We are still waiting for our baby girl referral. I never imagined that what we thought would be an 8 month wait would now turn into almost 29 months of waiting. It's got to happen soon. Right? I am learning patience (SIGH) ...and trust me that is something that I lack greatly!

We are spending our time finishing off the last room in this house for a bedroom for Jeremiah and working like crazy. Keeping up two houses is hard work! We are also praying like crazy that the other house (the one we lived in for 6 months) sells and that we can be done with that chapter of our life. In the meantime we are just trying to survive financially and the vacation rentals are a bit slow right now, but I'm sure (or I pray) they will pick up for the Winter season. Football season starts soon and we will have two boys playing, so I'm sure that will fill any left over time we have.

I enjoy keeping up with everyones Taiwan adoption blogs. They are very inspiring and we hope to be joining you in the next step of the journey very soon.


Terry said...

Hi! I've peeked at your blog a couple of times. We are another FEC waiting family and have been on the wait list for 17 months. (I liked the 8 month quote MUCH better :-)!) I can soooooo understand and relate to your post. I'm trying to be paitent and understanding too. If you ever need to chat or vent, feel free to contact me. Hang in there!
Waiting with you,
Terry :-)

sheila said...

Hi, I too have peeked from time to time. I always have my fingers crossed hoping your day has come. We are also with FEC. We are behind you- 8/07- waiting for our beautiful little girl. It's been 25 months of trying to be patient. I am also open to chatting if you ever need to vent or want to share good news. I will continue to keep my fingers crossed for you. Sheila