Friday, September 18, 2009

I'm On My Soap Box

Pardon me while I jump on my soapbox. In case you missed the Sean Hannity Show last night on Fox news, you may want to watch the video about the water situation in California. I've been watching this situation for a while and I can say that it frightens me deeply that the government can take the water from the farms and divert it to areas that it chooses.
Having grown up in a family that raises fruit, I know the value of water. Without water, crops die and then where are we supposed to get our food? I don't live in California, but I do know that these kinds of governemental actions affect all of us. The food supply affects all of us. If you haven't been paying attention, more and more food is being imported while the United States is producing less each year. Our dependence on other countries causes higher inflation and less ability to control our futures.

Another soap box - How healthy is our food?
We went camping in November and that was the last time we used our motorhome for the Winter. In March we went to use it again, and I discovered a loaf of bread that we had not thrown away. Upon examing the store bought bread, I noticed it was not moldy and was perfectly preserved. I could not believe that there is that many preservatives in one loaf of bread that in 4 months it would not go bad. Seriously, how good could this be for our bodies? This was a huge eye opener to me and we are really trying to eat better and do a lot more cooking from scratch so I can see exactly what I am feeding my family.

Support your local farmer's market. We have spent the last 2 nights canning peaches. Although it takes more effort than buying already canned peaches, it is so worth it! Aren't they gorgeous?

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