Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Very Thankful for Boy Scouts Today

Wow, what a night! We are trying to get our old house listed on Friday and we still had the unsurmountable task of moving the entire food storage room. We have a ton of food storage. I spent the entire day moving as many canned goods and stuff out of the room as possible to make it easier to move tonight.
The boy scouts did a service project for our family and moved our food storage. We had a line from the basement room up the stairs and outside to the four-wheeler trailer. They worked like animals. It was so amazing. We had a half trailer full of 6 gallon buckets alone. I could not believe how fast it went. We ended up loading up the whole trailer.
Then we all loaded up and drove to the root celler at our new house. We backed in the trailer, opened the doors and lined up in a chain again and unloaded the whole thing in 10 minutes. Wow! If my family had to do this alone I think it would have taken us an entire week of working every evening. What a blessing this was for my family. They all earned the barbeque we are going to do for them!

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