Sunday, November 16, 2008

Today Marks 19 Months of Waiting for a Baby Girl Referral

Today marks 19 months of waiting for referral of a baby girl. I can't believe how long it is taking. When we first started this process we thought it would be around 6-9 months. There's got to be a baby girl for us soon!
Both Gerry and I woke up today sick. We were in so much pain that we went to Instacare as it's the only place open on Sunday. Gerry has a raging ear infection and I have strep throat. Fun for us! I'm just glad it held out until today as we have been working so hard to get our old home on the market. Yesterday it was listed. What a relief!
I feel like I live in a whirlwind lately. Tonight we need to haul all our furniture in the main room into the garage. We are having the wood floor finished as the previous owners never did it. The wood floor guy can only work in the evenings so the great room will be blocked off for a week. I pick up my mom next weekend and bring her back her for a month, so we are trying to get the house ready for the holidays.
In the downstairs room where she will be staying, I peeled off the ugly wallpaper and underneath the drywall was never textured. Luckily I got someone in here yesterday to do that. Now I need to get that room painted so we can get it ready for her. We feel so blessed to be in this house, but I am ready for a long rest.

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Tisra said...

We reached 19 months yesterday and I waffle between hopeless days and optimistic ones. You're higher on the list- your baby girl has GOT to be coming soon!