Monday, August 24, 2009

Hair Frugality

This weekend I did something I have never done. I colored my own hair. This was a huge step for me as my hair is my splurge. I am sick and tired of feeling like I'm getting ripped off every time I get my hair done. The hair places where we live charge an arm and a leg. I have thick hair and they always charge me for double color. So, I pay around $250 every time I go just for a cut and a color. I can the same thing done in Utah for around $80 and the skill level of the hairdressers seem about the same to me.

Some people would say, just skip the coloring. No way! After I had my first child at age 24, my hair all of the sudden got gray spots. I think it may have been due to a 42 hour long labor. Maybe my body got so stressed out that it turned my hair gray. I don't know, but that's my theory and I'm sticking to it.

So, I have been coloring my hair for a long time and I'm not ready to look like an old lady. My friend told my that she uses "Nice and Easy" hair coloring and I must say it was nice and easy. I think I did a great job matching the color and I'm happy with the results.

This year we are financially strapped and we are challenging all financial purchases. We hardly ever go out to eat anymore, and have cut back in every area possible.

Speaking of hair, I cut all of the boys hair and my husbands. I figure this saves me $75-$100 every time I cut their hair. I have no training other than just by experimenting. They got some pretty scary cuts at first, but I must say that now I'm pretty handy with the scissors.
I'd love to hear your money saving tips and ways that you are cutting back financially.


Amber said...

Do you use just scissors or one of those razor/shaver things? I've been thinking about learning how to cut Chad's hair...

Krista said...

I use a kit from Walmart. I cut the top with scissors and then I kind of do a long buzz on the sides.

Tisra said...

I don't know if you're on facebook or not, but a friend of mine has a Facebook Group called "Affording International Adoption" that is AWESOME. Lots of money-saving, and money-making tips. Fundraiser ideas- you name it!

I color my own hair, too, and find that the best products are the salon quality colors that you mix with activator at home (I buy mine at Sally Beauty... Wella brand).

Rhetta said...

I am so proud of you for deciding it is worth it to cut costs. I have had to shave dollars starting the first year of our marriage. We go to the library every week, we go to one or two movies a year - otherwise we wait for them to come to the library. I cut everyone's hair and have Brett help me color mine when I want a change. I make all fresh food and never buy food in boxes. My food budget is roughly $400/month and I don't use coupons at all.....I still shop at Costco and our local grocery store.

The pros are that I usually have some fun money if needed and the kids see buying a movie or a game as a real treat instead of an expectation. When we get to go on a trip (usually splitting the costs with Grandparents)the kids remember it and talk about it forever! The only real splurges are when my mom offers to take us all to Spain or Israel and she pays for the whole thing. All we bring is some spending money.

It's not hard to be more careful with money but it's hard and it takes restraint. Good luck!!! Post a picture of your hair - I want to see how it looks!

Lisa said...

That is outrageous what they are charging you for your hair visit....good for you, doing it yourself!!

I too cut DH's hair and we always pack him a work lunch, instead of him buying out everyday. We too use the library and we swap babysitting with our close friends to save there! Course we don't go out much and use the Grandparents too...BUT its an idea! :)

Hmmm...I always donate things the kids have outgrown, but we do a garage sale every year too. Its always enough for our summer fun money...trips to the zoo, pool pass, etc. We eat leftovers religiously or DH takes it for lunch. I groom our furry girl, cuz that's expensive too! Ack!

No Starbucks....we save our splurges for the kids and will ask for gift cards at b-days/holidays for ourselves for our personal splurges!

OH, I have L make all the birthday cards for family and the parties she gets invited too! Great practice writing and she loves it!
phew....I hope you hear something soon!

Jennifer and Eric said...


We gals need the confidence of having attractive hair. D.I.Y. hair coloring is a bold move, so good for you!! It sounds like you had real success. (Maybe I will give it a whirl) I've talked with several girlfriends who are making the same choice in these tight financial times. I haven't colored my hair...yet (tho it has been suggested to me!), but I go as long as possible between haircuts, trimming my hair myself a couple times to make it last longer. I also cut my DH and DD's hair. It sure does save money over time.