Sunday, March 15, 2009

Our Mini "Amazing Race"

Saturday night was our friend Yvonne's 40th birthday party and it was a riot! We had a scavenger hunt with husbands vs. wives. There were 6 couples. We drove around our small town for 1 hour and 15 minutes completing the tasks. We had to take pictures everywhere we went. The husbands won. Dang it! The women finished on time and the men decided to go for style and creativity, thus gaining them more points.

Task- I can't believe we all fit. Can you believe 6 guys got in an outhouse, while we chose a pizza booth?

Task- Take picture in front of a road sign. We picked the same sign.

Task- picture with someone in a uniform - no police. Team Dudes chose a prisoner. Team Chicas nabbed the Domino's pizza guy.

Task- Spell out a word with your bodies. Team Dudes spelled out "40" for Yvonne's 40th birthday. Team Chicas spelled out "Hi".
There were so many more fun pictures, but these were the best! I think that was one of the most fun nights I have had in my life. Picture 6 men or women running through the grocery store to weigh in 4 lbs of lemons. Or, team Chicas chasing down someone in an old car to have them pull over so we can take our picture in the old car. Team Dudes went to a junk yard and got in an old smelly car and took their picture and then had to speed away as the drunk owner of the junkyard came out after them.
Team Chicas also broke into some one's back yard to take a picture on a trampoline while wearing Burger King crowns. The owners didn't answer their door, so we snuck around to their backyard for the good of the team. Lisa, a lawyer was a bit leery of this as she can't practice law if she gets a criminal conviction. (Small sacrifice).

By the way, can you see that Batman is taking this picture?
After "The Amazing Race" we prepared a fondue dinner. Then we went to the Ritz Carleton in Beaver Creek for a specially prepared cake! It was an incredible night with some of the best friends anyone could ever have!


Lisa said...

Hi Krista!
Thanks for stopping by our blog! I LOVE that your leprechaun has a name and sprinkles green magic dust into the milk. ;) lol

AND what fun you must have with your friends! Awesome!
Lisa :)

Lauren and James said...

Wow, that looked like fun! BTW thanks for letting us use your cellar for young women!

The Candlands said...

That makes me miss living there so much! It's so fun to see some of the ward members!