Saturday, March 21, 2009

I'm a Proud Mother

The last few days have been amazing. My kids have really done great and now it's time to brag on them a little. First off, Ian was an awesome "Billy Goat Gruff" in his fairy tale plays at school!

Next we had the the Pinewood Derby. Jeremiah raced a green camo hummer. Locally, he won 1st place in our cub scout troop.Then today, he went to the District level and won 1st place for his age group and 3rd overall against all the age groups. Next month he is going to the Council Race.

Christian was awarded the "Creative Mind" award during his school award's assembly for excellence in Science. He must get it from his dad, because I never enjoyed Science.

We found Parker practicing to be a store window display.

I love my boys and am proud of the great young men they are becoming!

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Lisa said...

You should be proud! They look like terrific young men and I KNOW a Mama and Dad's efforts play a big part in that!
:) Lisa