Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Gotcha Day & Jeremiah's Birthday

I can't believe we've had Lacey one year! It has flown by quickly and has been a joy. She was 9 months when we got her, yet very much a newborn. She could not sit up, eat from a spoon and had no teeth. The orphanage workers hinted of issues but we did not realize the scope.
Lacey is full of love and has a strong will. She is as smart as can be, but has some gross and fine motor problems. Our two therapists have helped her come a long way and she is getting close to walking.
Her Gotcha Day is extra special since it happened on Jeremiah's birthday.We are celebrating in the desert with our ATVs as it is Spring Break.We will post pictures when we return.


The Hernandez Herd said...

Happy Forever Family Day!
We also celebrated this week as well. It seems like yesterday when we were both waiting. I am so happy to hear that she has made such great progress. Enjoy your baby girl!Victoria

Sarah said...

Hannah was very much a delayed walker as well due to poor core muscles in her trunk from w-sitting at SLC. Keep going with the therapies! Will make it oh so sweet when she's off and running. :)