Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Rent My Timeshare for Really Cheap in 2011

I own a timeshare in Hawaii that we won't be able to use this year. It's actually on a points system through Diamond Resorts International, so it can be used at many places. Unfortunately for us, we won't be taking a vacation anytime soon as we own two homes. So until we sell one, it's stay cations for us. (We will be taking one long weekend family reunion trip to Disneyland courtesy of Grandma). So excited about that as it was a Christmas present.

If you are considering a vacation, I am selling weeks for really cheap. I have a boatload of points and therefore could sell several weeks at different locations or muliple units.

Some of the destinations include:

Hawaii, Florida, Arizona, California, Colorado, Branson, Las Vegas, South Carolina, Washington DC. There are also many International Destinations in Europe, Mexico, Caribbean, Mexico and the UK.

Just email me at Krista@TallClothingMall.com with the destination you are looking for and the approximate date and I will email you back the price. I just have to check the date and see if it's available and rentals are for 7 days at a time. This is a great way to save some money this year on your vacation.


Robin said...

Hey Krista- We have a time share as well. We have sold our week the last 2 years on redweek.com Send me an email and I can fill you in on our experience if you are interested.

Annie said...

oohh that's awesome! Wish we could take advantage of that, but probably no vacation for us this year. Well, except for the "big one" to China, of course!