Sunday, July 18, 2010

Lacey's Birthday Weekend

Can you believe our sweet baby is one year old? It is quite the milestone as it seems like we've only had her such a short amount of time, yet feel like we've known her forever.
We sort of celebrated Lacey's birthday off and on all weekend long as we had such a busy weekend with Christian's dance festival (another post on that later).

Lacey is opening the presents her birth family gave to us when we picked her up at the orphanage. They were meant for her first birthday and we kept our promise that we would give them to her.

Check out the lovely bracelet and necklace from the birth family!
We celebrated with a birthday dinner at our favorite Chinese restaurant.
Later she enjoyed a yummy cupcake made by Christian and Jeremiah.
This is the first picture (referral picture) we saw of our baby girl.
It's amazing how much we loved her just from this picture! I remembering crying uncontrollably when I saw her. Tears of joy! She's growing up so fast.Parker loves to give Lacey kisses. She turned and kissed him too, but I was too slow with the camera.
Lacey has had some interesting hairdos this weekend. One morning she woke up with this crazy mohawk.

It was then that I decided perhaps her hair is now long enough to curl it a bit. I am so excited to be able to fix her hair. I have waited so many years for this moment.....

We sure are enjoying out "Elegant Blessing" (the meaning of Lacey's Taiwanese name)!


The Hernandez Herd said...

Happy Birthday Lacey!!!!
Hurray,how wonderful to have a special birthday gift. She looks very adjusted and in love with you all. Enjoy everyday. Victoria

Robin said...

Happy Birthday Lacey! How amazing that she had gifts from Taiwan to open. She is a beautiful little girl.

Annie said...

Happy Birthday to Lacey! She is a beauty and I can see, such a joy in your lives!

Anonymous said...
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amybutler said...

Love all the cute pictures! She looks completely like a Mayne, like she is exactly where she belongs. Miss you guys!