Thursday, February 25, 2010

We Got New Pictures

Today we got new pictures of our baby girl. Don't look too hard as we aren't allowed to post them until the adoption is completely finalized. It appears she got an extemely short haircut, similar to a butch. I'm not sure if this is normal, but I wish they would let her hair grow out a little. My cousin said to think of it as a "pixie cut.".
We also got measurements. At seven months, she is now 15 lbs and 25 inches long. This is small in comparision to my boys, but I think it may be actually on the large size for a Taiwanese baby. Can anyone comment on this? She looks rather well fed and quite plump. Glad to see she is getting enough to eat, of course she is our child. We didn't get any other info as far as personality traits or how the court process is going. We hope we hear something soon! The wait is agonizing.
We thought we had her name all figured out, and it's quite an unusual name. Now, we are second guessing it as we wonder if she will hate always having to explain how to pronounce it or spell it. We may go with more of a traditional name.


Katie said...

Congrats on getting more info. It's amazing how a little info in international adoption thrills us! Our son (from Taiwan) was the same exact weight and length at 6/7 months.

The Hernandez Herd said...

Oh My Goodness!! How exciting.
We are still waiting for our final ruling and travel date. We hope any day to be hearing something. they told us we would travel mid March. That is around the corner and we have not heard anything. My daughter also had the mohawk look. I think it is the norm to buzz the hair prior to leaving. So at least I will be prepared. I hope you hear something soon. maybe the hair cut is a good sign. Victoria SLC

Tonya said...

Congrats on the pictures...I know how precious they are! Janie was 12 pounds 4 ounces at 7 your girl is great size-wise!!

The Hernandez Herd said...

Oh I forget to add our daughter was listed at 17.2 pounds at 6 months. She is now 7 months.that was our last update. I think she is a little too big? I think they really feed them a lot there. We got a list of what she eats. It is a Lot!. I hope that helps alittle

Sarah said...

When you pick up your daughter, you will get a little medical book with her heights, weights, and vaccination records. In it there is a Taiwanese growth chart that you can use to plot her height and weight as she grows.

There used to be a parent that had a web site for St. Lucy's that had a copy of these growth charts. I looked for it today, and the web site has been taken down. Darn.