Sunday, January 24, 2010

Do You Have a Disaster Plan?

Tonight our church presented a great lecture on "how to prepare for disasters". It was hosted by a trained FEMA member. Members of the Red Cross and our county had tables set up with more info on disaster plans.
Going into the meeting I feel like our family is pretty prepared for many situations. Coming out of the meeting, I can see that we can still improve.
We will be having some additional family home evenings on:
  • Fire Drill
  • Practicing what to do in case of a chemical spill in our area
  • Practicing evacuating with our 72 hour kits
  • Need to upload photos to an online storage site & especially current photos of the kids.
  • Also upload import documents to this online storage site.
  • Take color photos of our home inside and out.
  • Check with the school on how to get our kids out of a lockdown situation in case we need to evacuate the area.

It's not fun to think about, but it's better to be prepared.

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