Friday, October 16, 2009

Two and One Half Years and Waiting

If you will notice the above ticker date, today marks two and a half years of waiting to get a referral. I can't imagine that it will be much longer, but wow, I never envisioned such a wait! Good thing I have plenty of distractions to keep me going. So, here's to wishing upon a star and hoping our little Princess will find her way into our lives soon!


Terry said...

What a milestone. We are on the same list, just a bit further behind you. I'll be wishing on a few stars with you for some good news to come in both our directions~soon! Keeping my fingers crossed, toes too, and adding a few prayers.
Hope your little Princess finds her way! :-)

Robin said...

Wow! Hang in there. Your little girl is just taking her time to make her entrance extr grand.

KB said...

ok, so are you really going to make us all wait until you are approved?