Sunday, July 26, 2009

Summer Randon Pictures

I haven't written in a while. I always feel like I need something grand to write about, but we're just having a plain old normal Summer.
Baseball took up the first part of the summer. The three oldest boys played and it was so much fun to watch them.
We spent the 4th of July weekend in Salt Lake City. Here is a picture of Gerry with my Mom, our 4 boys and my brother Kameron's 4 boys. My younger brother Devan is standing up behind them. It was my Mom's birthday so we all went out to dinner. The waiter wasn't even scared with having to serve 8 boys age 14 and under- he grew up with five brothers. :)

We got to see the Jonas Brothers at the Stadium of Fire.
We had nosebleed seats and could see them better on the large screen t.v.

We had fun anyway!

My sister-in-law Emily got to sing in the choir. We were surprised when we saw her on the big screen. She is to the left of David Osmond.

Beautiful fireworks.

Changing subjects: It's been a lot of work to keep up two homes and trying to market our other home as a vacation home. Some days we are very hopeful, some days it's very discouraging. One day while driving up to the other house, we took this cool picture. It looked like a window coming out of the clouds. Our town used to be called "Hole in the Sky" by the Ute Indians - believed because it had better weather than the surroundings towns. Often bad weather will skip over us.

This reminds us of "Hole in the Sky".
Our town does something cool every year for the annual town celebration called "Gypsum Daze." They turn this park:

into a rock concert. They built an outdoor stage and bring in a big country band every year. In the past we have hosted "Rascal Flats", "Sawyer Brown" and I can't remember the others. This year we had "Little Big Town." and the "Charlie Daniels Band." Thousands of people attend the concert.
We've also been attending the free Friday night movies in the park. It's like a drive in without the cars.
In other news: nothing on the adoption yet. Gerry is finally finished with all of his physical therapy on his knees. We are looking forward to camping and four-wheeling soon.

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