Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Trying to Make Lemonade

We feel like we've been dealt an extra load of lemons this year and so we are doing our best to try and turn them into lemonade.
Where do I even start?
Last October we purchased our dream home and moved into it. It was only a 2 mile move, but still the same amount of work as if moving 2,000 miles. A week after we bought the home, it seemed that the economy changed overnight. Up until that point we had been pretty immune to it in our area.
Anyway, our old home that we put on the market wouldn't sell. People wouldn't even come to look at it. The price began to drop on our old home. Several other things happened and all of the sudden it seemed like the perfect financial storm. After lots of prayer, our answer was to move back to the more affordable home and try to sell the new home.
So, after living in the home for about 6 months, we packed up and moved back. The day after we moved all of the heavy furniture, Gerry had surgery on his knee. That left me finishing up the move, etc. I was totally overwhelmed. Thank heavens for great friends and family that helped me through it!
So, we put our dream house on the market and have not been successful in selling it yet. We're even giving away a trip to Hawaii to whoever will buy it, but still no success. In the meantime we are turning it into a vacation home rental. http://www.teddybearlodge.com/ I am busy trying to get it furnished etc. Hopefully, this gamble will pay off.
I know we are very blessed and can't complain as many people have been hurt far more than us with the economy turn. At least we still have a job. We are just doing the best we can and praying that everything will work out the best way possibly.
As far as the adoption, I have not heard anything new in months. We hope we hear something soon!


Lisa said...

I hope you hear something soon on both the adoption ( I know how hard that wait is!) and on the homefront! Yikes! You are due some yummy 'lemonade' to welcome the happy summer months! :)

We just a lemonade moment too in our family and feel so lucky and blessed that it all turned out!

Best regards,

Terry said...

Nice job looking at things on the bright side....I understand the ill effects of the lemons lately too. We have had a couple 'unplanned' happenings, and still no news on the adoption either. I will cross my fingers and keep you in my prayers for good news on everything for you!!!